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Welcome to the Center for Northeast Philadelphia History website. Sponsored by the Historical Society of Frankford, the Center for Northeast Philadelphia History is a consortium of organizations and individuals whose purpose is to preserve and promote the history of the region.

Often called “the Great Northeast,” Northeast Philadelphia is one of the largest sections of the City of Philadelphia. It is an area of approximately 44 square miles bounded by the Delaware River to the east, Bucks County to the north, Montgomery County to the west, and Tacony and Frankford Creeks to the south. Prior to 1854, the area was comprised of a number of townships and boroughs within the County of Philadelphia. All of these local governments were merged into the City of Philadelphia in the 1854 City/County Consolidation. Northeast Philadelphia is now home to some 400,000 people, a large business and industrial community, and dozens of individual neighborhoods.

To visit specific Northeast Philadelphia neighborhoods and subject areas, click on the neighborhood or subject in the left or right hand column.  This will open a new center window with a brief description and history and options for additional history, photos, and maps.  Take a look at the Discussion Board to view comments and insights being discussed.  Feel free to sign-up and join and share your observations or ask questions.  It's all free.

The objective of the Center for Northeast Philadelphia History and this web site is to gather and disseminate historical  information to help us better understand where we came from, where we are, and where we're headed.  All are invited to participate in this endeavor.  History is not only educational, it's community and it's fun!


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